General Heart Information

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association site is an excellent overview of cardiac disease, risk factors (including cholesterol), diagnostic test, and treatment options

American College of Cardiology

The professional organization for cardiovascular specialists, The American College of Cardiology, has current practice guidelines and a strong patient education section.

Heart Information Network

The Heart Information Network has current scientific news and general primers on heart disease.


Designed by a Professor of Cardiology, this site has outstanding graphics with detailed explanations of cardiac disease.


MerckMedicus, one of the most innovative and comprehensive medical resources on the Internet. This advertising-free medical portal for today’s healthcare professional combines breaking medical news, a wide variety of online learning resources, cutting-edge diagnostic tools, and even the patient’s perspective on the world of medicine.

WebMD Corporation

WebMD Corporation is the leader in providing services that help physicians, consumers, providers and health plans navigate the complexity of the healthcare system.

Heart Info provides timely and trustworthy patient guides about heart attack, blood pressure, cholesterol, stroke, diet and more.